Update: October 2014

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Standing by the new water tank are The Rev. Charles Busingye on the left, director of Reaching the Pygmies Ministry and his wife, Alice Kyobusingye, the principal of Epiphany School, with three Epiphany teachers.

I have not updated the site for quite some time. We have begun to communicate via an e-mail newsletter sent out every 4 to 6 weeks. I will eventually attach the issues to this site for others (beyond our mailing list) to access and learn about the Reaching the Pygmies Ministry in southwestern Uganda.

The Church of the Ascension and School in Lafayette, Louisiana have been particularly active in the past two years. They have raised funds for the Epiphany School which impacts the health and well-being of the Batwa in the Kebiremu Settlement. Most recently, their good works have made it possible to add a water tank at the school. Water is collected via gutters and pipes and stored in two tanks. This newest tank is 8 feet tall and has a radius of 15 feet. The two tanks together have a 20,000 liter capacity.

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Reaching the Pygmies

Update: September 20, 2012

  • Once again the Epiphany students were successful in passing the National Primary Leaving Examinations.  The results were published in national newspapers. Epiphany School’s performance was recognized in the national newspapers as being among the best in the country. In fact, Epiphany School was the first in the southern part of Kanungu District and fifth in the Kanungu District as a whole.
  • Fr. Charles and Alice had a very busy, but fruitful visit in the United States. In addition to sharing information about student progress and the changes in the Batwa Resettlement, they also shared plans for future changes at the school.
  • They began their fundraising and informational trip with a long weekend in Ohio at the Parry Chapel. It was Alice’s first trip to Ohio. She was able to share information about the Epiphany School.
  • In Lafayette, Louisiana the students from both campuses of the Ascension School gathered funds through a series of fundraising efforts during Lent to support the ministry.  They presented Fr. Charles and Alice with two oversized checks totaling $16,000 to represent the ingathering.
  • Fr. Charles and Alice had prepared photos and profiles of each of the Epiphany students so Ascension students might begin a “pen pal” exchange.
  • Fr. Charles was the celebrant at both Eucharistic services at Church of the Epiphany on their last Sunday in the United States. He and Alice shared a presentation about the improved houses in the Batwa Resettlement between the services. Check the Pygmy Settlement page to examine slides from this presentation.
  • Later, they made a presentation of the Reaching the Pygmy Ministry to the Missions Committee at First Presbyterian Church in Clarks Summit which also provides financial support for the ministry.

Update: April 12, 2012

  • Fr. Charles Busingye and his wife, Alice Kyobusingye, are heading to the United States for a three week visit to share their ongoing story about the Reaching the Pygmies Ministry and raise funds to support the Pygmy Settlement and Epiphany School.
  • Due to some travel problems, Fr. Charles & Alice will be arriving on April 13th (not 11th) and heading out to central Ohio on Saturday, April 14. They will spend several days at the Parry Chapel with Pastor Dave and the congregation.
  • From Ohio, Fr. Charles & Alice will fly to Lafayette, Louisiana. The schedule includes time at Ascension Church as well as the Ascension School (upper and lower). The students have been engaged in gathering funds for the Reaching the Pygmies Ministry as part of their Lenten discipline.
  • The final leg of their journey will bring the Ugandan visitors to Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania where they will spend time with parishioners at Church of the Epiphany and First Presbyterian Church.

Update: January 2012

  • A new page about the Portable Sawmill Project shares the story of a developing project that will eventually provide income for the Batwa Settlement. It’s challenging to deal with equipment, weather, and personnel from 7,000 miles away.
  • Dr. Charles Pinches will soon return to Pennsylvania from Uganda. This trip was the first time he and students from the University of Scranton have traveled during Intercession.
  • Fr. Charles Busingye and Fr. Fred Tumusiime are planning a fundraising visit to the United States in late April. In addition to time in Northeastern Pennsylvania, they will visit Ascension Church and School in Lafayette, Louisiana and a church in south central Ohio.

Original Post: September 2011

This website has been created to tell the story of the Reaching the Pygmies Ministry established to support the Batwa Pygmies in southwestern Uganda.

My introduction to the Reaching the Pygmies Ministry followed almost ten years of friendship with The Rev. Charles Busingye, a Ugandan Anglican priest. The story is best told in a timeline.

Early 1990s: Fr. Charles (as we call him) came to the United States to earn a Master of Divinity degree at Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, PA. Our bishop asked our priest to find someone who could transport Fr. Charles to Church of Epiphany on Sundays. We had that special privilege for two years. He returned to his family and church work in Uganda after graduation.

1992: The Ugandan Government ejected the Batwa Pygmies from the rainforest and established the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, making it illegal for the pygmies to live in their traditional home.

Late 1990s: Fr. Charles and his friend and fellow Ugandan Anglican priest, the Rev. Fred Tumusiimi, established Reaching the Pygmies Ministry. Fr. Charles returned to the U.S. to raise funds to support the three goals of the ministry: 1) establish a settlement and teach the Batwa to farm, 2) establish a school, and 3) evangelize.

Check out the various pages on the site to learn more about this amazing story that continues to unfold.

Linda K. Rogers, Ed.D.

Fr. Fred Tumusiimi and Fr. Charles Busingye, founders of Reaching the Pygmies Ministry

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